Internal regulations

The taker is bound to respect the internal regulations as well as all modifications that could be done to it, and insure its execution. It can been found under Les nids du Chat / internal regulations and is displayed on the wall in each chalet.

>Use area :

Personal vehicles should remain in the parking area, within the site, close to the chalets : it is not permitted to drive on site without special authorisation.
The taker is bound to respect the number of people by chalet, as explained in the booking form.
The tenant will have to assure the peaceful character of the area and use it as appropriate for their intended use.
The natural pond is a natural swimming pool, which means plants filter water. To protect the health of the pond, users have to take a shower before swimming. The swimming area is unsupervized, non-secure and under the own responsibility of the users.
The lake is not a swimming area, and non secure.

A sewage process using filters planted with reeds treat all waters after use on site, therefore chemical products should never be used in WC, shower and sink. If the taker has a doubt on any products use, it is important to ask for advice to the owners. Basic hygiene and cleaning products are available in each chalet.
The children must remain under alertness of their parents and should not be left alone on the site or in the chalets.
Visitors must have been authorized and must be required to comply with the conditions laid down by owners, there are under the responsability of the takers who welcome them.
Chalets and shared areas are non-smoking, ashtrays are provided for smokers’ use out of the chalets.
To prevent a possible fire, open fires are prohibited on site, barbecues are provided. Alert the owners and public emergency services in the event of a fire.

We regret that animals are not admitted to the site.

>Schedules :
Arrival starts the day of the reservation from 4pm, and departure before 10am. Planned times of departure and arrival can, without guaranty, be flexible following the availability of the owners : contact them and try to agree on a special time.
Breakfasts are available on order the day before and can be brought in front of the chalet as a basket breakfast between 8:30am and 10am, depending on customer’s wishes, at the price set out in the grid.

>Regulatory violation :
If a resident disturbs other users’ stay or do not respect the internal regulations, the owner or his representative may verbally, or in a written way if he considers it necessary, warn him to cease disorder, and if needed rescind the contract.

>Claim – improvements :
In order to prevent any complaint, the customer should not hesitate to inform the owner about their needs for their stay.